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A "Green" Mailbox Make-Over

Silhouette TutorialsMackenzie Smith8 Comments

Recently this summer, I got an itching to repaint my mailbox. It was one of those inexpensive plastic ones that my husband put up in frustration of it constantly getting hit (funnily enough, it hasn’t been hit since…) a few years ago and it had begun to fade and the house numbers were fading off.

A Green Mailbox Make Over

So, I jumped on the chance to redo my old mailbox when I saw that one of the Silhouette Challenge projects had to be GREEN!

But, I began to question what exactly was meant by GREEN. Did the group admins mean green, as in recycled materials, or the color green? Inquiring minds had to know and the response was it was up to the crafter!

I decided that refurbishing the mailbox was technically green by way of not throwing out the current one to get a shiny new one. BUT just to make sure I had it covered on “both” green fronts.

So I hit up Pinterest for some pinspiration and found this pin, and set off to find out all I could about the easiest way to go about doing this. Easiest way I learned to do this was with spray paint, and the hunt was on for THE perfect color combo!

I found this AWESOME Citris Green in Krylon Brand ColorMaxx Paints which allegedly could be used on plastics WITHOUT using primer like most tutorials on the subject suggest.

Even though the ColorMaxx Paints said that I didn’t need primer I picked some up JUST IN CASE and tweeted @KrylonBrand asking if this was truly a one step process! I love it when large companies respond fairly quickly to questions via social media. Makes me feel <3! (By the way, they confirmed that it was not needed. Oh and they did not pay me or provide me with free product to play with… maybe next time though. ;-))

First of all, spray paint is awesome but it has its setbacks… like you should probably not have your phone, laptop, camera, or any other valuable item within a 5 yard radius of what you are painting. Two words: Over Spray! I would also recommend keeping your feet or other body part you wished to not be painted 5 yards away but since you are likely to be using them I suggest painting with spray paint in old cheap tennis shoes.

If you should not heed my advice, I know that the mystical substance that is coconut oil (I highly doubt it has to be organic or virgin or any other over priced version) is VERY effective in removing spray paint from skin… and Otterbox Cases that may or may not have been left on a phone that was mistakenly left within the spray zone. (Te he he… Oops). It works! Check out this before and after shot!

A "Green" Mailbox Make-Over

This is likely the reason my hubby decided to “supervise”/ toddler wrangle my repainting of the mailbox.

What you will need:

  • A mailbox (preferably old, worn out, and looking for love)
  • Spray Paint in your favorite color (Seriously recommend Kryon ColorMaxx)
  • 150 grit Sandpaper (you want enough grit to remove any grime and scuff it up a bit but not so much grit it leaves streaks)
  • Painters Tape (If your flag isn’t removable)
  • 651 Permanent Outdoor Vinyl
  • Silhouette Machine (Or other craft cutter)

How I did it:

Prep and wash the surface according to directions on spray paint can.

Lightly scuff the areas to be covered by spray paint to increase adhesion.

A Green Mailbox Makeover

Paint surface being sure to maintain steady sweeping strokes to ensure even coverage.

A Green Mailbox Makeover

Now you have to let the paint dry so it’s time to break out the old Craft Cutter and cut out your new design for your mailbox. I used PicMonkey to create my design (because Silhouette Studio isn’t quite mobile yet) so I had to trace the design in Silhouette Studio and proceeded to cut out the design in the desired color. One thing about tracing images not made in Silhouette Studio, you will want make sure you trace it in it’s original size to avoid pixelization. Once it is traced you can resize the image without losing image quality.

After your paint is dry and your vinyl cut, place your vinyl on your mailbox and then attach the mailbox back to its post.

Step back and admire your hard work and lack of spray painted feet!

A Green Mailbox Makeover

Oh, before I forget, if you live in a humid client you really do need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity requirements because it will cause the paint to run.

A Green Mailbox Make Over

Have you guys ever worked with spray paint before? What are your tips and tricks?

The Silhouette Challenge

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